Presenting the facts on Peninsula Link

Yesterday we held our breakfast seminar at the Frankston Arts Centre on Peninsula Link- driving South East Property & Infrastructure. 

Richard Jenkins from Opteon presents on Peninsula Link
Richard Jenkins from Opteon presents on Peninsula Link

The presentations from Mark Holland- Manager of Specialised Valuations & Advisory Services and Richard Jenkins- Research Manager at Opteon were both informative and revealing, providing a ‘bigger picture’ view of the effect Peninsula Link will have on the South East.

 Thank you to our clients who joined us giving us the opportunity to demonstrate high level research capabilities that exist within Opteon and the depth of data that is held within our organisation.

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Clients of Opteon at Peninsula Link breakfast
Mark Holland presents on Peninsula Link

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  1. julie says:

    Hi. I am interested in the predicted effect thqt the Penisular Link will have on property prices

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